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Facials and Treatments



Deluxe Rejuvenating Facial:

The ultimate in skin rejuvenation and relaxation. This specialized treatment addresses your individual skin concerns. Includes everything in the customized Signature Facial with additional serums, complexes and specialty mask for firming, lifting, sun damage, premature aging and other skin concerns.   
75 minutes  |  $110


Ultrasonic technology to exfoliate and increase penetration of serums.  Deeply hydrating and nourishing for dehydrated, dry or aging skin.  
75 min  |  $125

Customized Signature Facial:

Your traditional relaxing spa facial. Recommended for regular skin maintenance. Deep cleansing, toning mist, exfoliation, steam application, optional extractions, mask and moisture solar protection. Includes face, neck and shoulder massage.   
60 minutes  |  $85

Acne Purifying Facial:

Purifying cleansing, toning mist, enzyme treatment with steam, extractions, purifying mask, calming and healing serum with oil free hydration.  The perfect “antidote” for acne sufferers.   
60-75 minutes  |  $90
Mini Acne Facial |  $65

Teen/Tween Facial: 

Cleansing, toning, exfoliation, and moisture massage.  Perfect for teens, tweens and those seeking a quick treatment for a healthy glow.  
45-55 min  |  $60-$65 
Series: Buy 6 get one free

Peels & Corrective Treatments:

Active Enzymes, Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids and Retinol.  Short and sweet, but effective.  Addresses fine lines, hyperpigmentation/dark spots, sun damage, acne scars and other concerns.  A series of treatments is recommended for optimal results.  
40-60 min  |  $75+
Series: Buy 6 get one free

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Choose from my list of facial treatments including a traditional European relaxing spa facial, a specialized treatment to address your individual skin concerns, purification and healing of acne or more advanced peels and rejuvenation.  Every treatment is customized just for you.  

Gift Certificates are available.  

Maintenance is essential so I can recommend a customized home care plan to extend the beautiful results from your treatment.  Samples are available.