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About Jennifer

Jennifer Masse Esthetician and Founder Sorella Skin Care & Make Up

Jennifer Masse
Esthetician and Founder
Sorella Skin Care & Make Up

Jennifer Masse, Founder of Sorella Skin Care and Make Up

Sorella, in Italian means Sister
Aesthetics can be defined as the appreciation of, or creation of beauty.

I have 23+ years of training and experience in the aesthetics of skin care and makeup artistry.
It is my passion to introduce the very best products and treatments to my clients, friends and family because we all appreciate feeling good about how we look. 

After my Cosmetician Certification and Esthetician Licensing in 1994 I began my advanced studies with the best experts in my industry.  I have trained with international top brands and continually attend advanced education.  In October 2016 I trained as a Lash Extension Artist.  The health and safety of my clients are top priority which is why I use only the safest and highest quality lash extension accessories and supplies. I regularly attend educational forums for skincare professionals and lash technicians to stay informed about the latest trends and technology in my industry.  

I customize treatments based on the needs of each individual, always respecting the integrity of the skin while slowing down the aging process. I specialize in anti-aging treatments and acne treatments for both men and women from teens to adult.  I'm very passionate about helping people look and feel their best.

My quest to create my brand, Sorella Skin Care and Makeup, was ignited by the desire to bring my clients, family and friends high performance products that produce truly noticeable results.  I have used many professional skin care lines so my journey has been based on extensive research and experience.  I use my Sorella Products in my professional treatments and most are available to purchase for home care in salon and online. My products contain safe, effective, cruelty free, paraben-free and stable ingredients that are rigorously tested.  Some of the ingredients found in my products are Peptides, Retinols, Vitamin C and E, Potent Antioxidants, active resurfacing enzymes, nourishing plant oils and other high performance ingredients. What makes my line unique is that it contains performance-proven ingredients at effective levels and not just trendy ingredients at cheap low ineffective levels. 

There is something for everyone. I invite you to treat yourself to my personalized services and I encourage you to sample my skin care and makeup products. I’m here to help you achieve a healthy glow with visible results!

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