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More Lash Info

How often do i need to get a fill?

Fills are recommended every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on how quickly your lashes grow, to maintain the full healthy appearance. Due to the natural shedding of eyelashes on a daily basis, regular fills are required to keep your lash extensions looking their best.  Just like your hair, your lashes have a natural life cycle – every day you lose a few lashes – and new ones grow in to replace them. When a eyelash extension falls out it is more noticeable than a natural lash shedding because they are bother darker and longer than natural eyelashes. With a commitment to a regular fills and proper home care my happy customers keep their eyelash extensions year round!

how do I care for my extensions?

  • Avoid getting your new eye lashes moist with water, creams, cleansers or any other type of product during the first 24 hours after your appointment. Do you exercise and showering before your appointment.
  • Do not pull, scratch, rub, or tug at your new eyelashes. Keep your fingers off!
  • Do not wear mascara on your extensions. Putting mascara on your lashes will tug, turn and twist your extensions. Also, most mascaras have oil in them that breaks down the adhesive bond.
  • Cleanse lashes daily using an extension safe cleanser.

  • Use a clean mascara wand to comb through and groom lashes daily.

  • Avoid excessively hot showers, steam rooms. High heat will change the adhesive’s chemical properties and lead to faster break down of the glue.

  • Avoid oil-based products as they will loosen the lash extension’s glue bond and lashes.

  • Don't use heated curlers on synthetic lashes, this can cause melting. Avoid lash curlers.

  • Don't forget to remove make-up or skin oil residue daily. 


How much do eyelash extensions cost?

New Set of Lash Extensions/Full Set  |  $175 (2-2.5 hours)

45 Minute Appointment  |  $50

60 Minute Appointment  |  $65

75 Minute Appointment  |  $85

Lash extension loss of 50% or more and/or appointments after 4 weeks require a full set.